Wallpaper Patterns
wallpaper patterns digitally created with photographs from newspapers and mass media
Installation at Sonje Art Museum, 1999, Seoul, Korea
Installation at Asian American Arts Center, 2000, New York, NY

In the Wallpaper Patterns work, I took photographs from the newspaper and mass media to create wallpaper patterns. In the installation for Sonje Art Museum Lobby, photograph of Bob Dylan playing "Knocking on Heaven's Door" for Pope John Paul II, is used to created the wallpaper pattern.

In the installation at Asian American Art Museum, the mass media images from the escalating violence from Jerusalem showing the violence perpetrated by both the Israelis and Palestinians are used to create a pink wallpaper pattern. The wallpaper patterns were printed on traditional newspaper stock and were printed at a small newspaper printing shop in Los Angeles. The gallery visitors were encouraged to take a sheet of the newspaper printed on one side in solid red color, and the other side with the wallpaper pattern image.