"Babel: Chaos of Melancholy"
July 16- September 11, 2009
Pitzer Art Galleries, Nichols Gallery, Broad Center
Claremont, CA
Mixed Media installation with two video projections, photo collage, and found objects

"I wanted to use the material that the majority of this world population is limited to because of the lack of economic resource. What does it mean to build an architectural structure when you only have an access to scrap wood, earth, leaves, cardboard and some nails? In addition to the tower of Babel, I am also thinking about iconic towers such as Eiffel tower and the unbuilt Tatlin monument. So I see my structure as a prototype of a monument or an anti-monument based on a variety of archetypal structures such as the Coloseum, Empire State Buildig, and Burj Dubai, currently the tallest building in the world. But the more powerful archetypes that I am looking at are ones existing outside of main stream architecture, the shacks that people outside the castle live in and the shocking poverty that inspired Buddha to abandon his palace life."

Excerpt from the exhibition catalogue
Interview of the artist by Ciara Ennis, Director/Curator of Pitzer Galleries

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Babel Interview